A host family is one of the most important and influential aspects of a Chicago City WPSL  player experience. While some of our players are from the Chicago area, many of them will be in a brand new environment, away from both school and home. The goal of the host family program is to help players adjust to moving to a new area and to provide a safe and stable living environment. It also provides an opportunity for the community to assist in the development of these players on and off the field. Chicago City believes that many of the relationships forged between players and their host families will be memorable and will last a lifetime. There really is no other way to get this close to the team and the game.

Host Family Responsibilities

Host families are asked to provide housing for their assigned player(s) for the duration of their stay in Chicago. Many players are expected to arrive in the final week of April, though several will join the team later because of classes, the playoffs, and other College commitments. The season, including playoffs, should conclude no later than the second week in July. During that span, host families should provide:

  • 3 meals per day when the team is at home, depending on their schedule. Sometimes the players will be fed when travelling with the team.

  • A bed and bathroom facilities with use of shower for each player you are housing.

  • Access to in house Laundry appliances.

  • Access to kitchen / refrigerator facilities

  • Access to your house, usually by key or garage door opener.

Family Responsibilities do not include:
  • Including the house guest in typical family routine is at the discretion of the host family

  • Laundry of house guest

  • Any Transportation of house guest

  • Hosting guests of the house guest

Guest Player Responsibilities:
  • Be respectful of host family house rules including but not limited to curfew, visitors, meal times, internet usage (if permitted) and general conduct

  • Families will be expecting a certain amount of contact time with guests. Players will be prepared to socialize, and be involved in family activities where suitable.

Guest Player Responsibilities do not include:
  • Baby sitting or child minding

  • Transportation of any family members

  • Preparing meals or doing laundry for host family

Once a player and family have agreed to the arrangement, there will be a two-week trial period in which either party will be able to cancel the agreement.


Some players will have their own car, so a place to park will be necessary. If the player does not have a car, she will carpool with other players to get to training and games. Host families are not required to provide a vehicle to players; you may choose to lend them a vehicle, but that is entirely at your discretion.

Beyond that, we ask that you provide a welcoming environment for the players. While players are in Chicago host families provide more than just housing, you provide a home. We simply request that you make them feel at home.

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